JavaPipe delivers a comprehensive set of security solutions that enable high volume websites and applications to provide secure, high-performing and highly available user experiences.


DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) protection is important to the online availability of all internet-facing resources: ranging from gaming to financial institutions. To best span the market, we split JavaPipe into two divisions: commercial and enterprise.



zbode was introduced as the commercial division of JavaPipe. It leverages the JavaPipe network with huge capacity and wholly owned DDoS mitigation hardware,
and was designed specifically to best suit the commercial audience.



The website was positioned to target search terms and optimized for conversions. Cornerstone content pages enhanced the authority of zbode and increased rate of conversion.


Rank, Rank, Rank!

Upon entry to the market, zbode had yet to be indexed by search engines. Our efforts drove zbode to page two for competitive terms in only 30 days. Continuing our campaign, zbode was among the top five positions within the next 30 days.

Press Releases & Articles

Our team wrote press releases and articles for JavaPipe. The press releases and articles were distributed throughout our widespread network and to our partners network: PRWeb and PRNewswire.


JavaPipe was unable to effectively communicate their enterprise offering through their previous online presence. They wanted their online presence to truly reflect their upgraded offering. We worked closely with JavaPipe to create a brand, website, and a set of marketing materials that truly reflects the organization given the enterprise offering.

Growing Results

Cloudoru successfully lead brand strategy from inception to execution. Just 45 days after launch the cumulative annual forecast of JavaPipe was just over $300,000. That is only step one in a multi-step plan to offer powerful protection, superior support, and the delivery of even more to their customers.

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