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Cloudoru is a team of strategists, writers, designers, developers and cloud experts. We deliver high quality products, engaging experiences, agile environments, and exceptional results.

Our values are at our core.

Our values advance the idea of a multi-channel marketing effort from abstract specification towards a set of services and products that can be implemented and scaled.

Our Team

Business strategists, writers, designers, developers and cloud experts.

Devin Rajaram

Creative Director

Devin, Creative Director, served as designer for Cloud Silver Lining. His experience includes brand, user interface, and user experience design.

Dominic Elci

Sr. Web Engineer

Dominic, Senior Web Engineer and Designer, founded That1Design, a design and development company. His nine years experience in the Web Design field vetted his attributes in Adobe Photoshop, xHTML and CSS.

Clark Tomlinson

Sr. Web Developer

Clark, Senior Web Developer, served as a web developer for a major gaming company and a global television network. His extensive experience includes front end and backend development.

Kevin Rajaram

Web Developer

Kevin, Web Developer, worked as a webmaster at New York City College of Technology. His experience includes front end web development and animation.

John Larsen

Sr. Systems Administrator

John is the Senior System Administrator. John founded an internet solutions company. His experience includes code build and deployment strategies, and enterprise applications.

Clint Thomas

Sr. Software Developer

Clint, the Senior Software Developer, served as Vice President of IT Architecture at Cloud SIlver Lining. His 15 years experience includes leading Development teams utilizing Java, PHP, Groovy, C#/.NET, and C/C++ technologies.

Josh Day


Josh is the chief executive officer of Cloudoru. His experience includes product manager for a cloud based professional services company, co-founding a web design and development service, and director of marketing for an internet solutions company.

Bob Shinn

Company Advisor

Bob Shinn, a Management Executive with 20+ years of experience, has a record of achievement–planning, developing, and implementing effective business-centric solutions that drive operational efficiency and cost reduction. Bob founded and served as president and CEO of Cloud Silver Lining. MBA, ITIL Certified, Certified Project Manager, Six Sigma-Champion.

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