Preeminence in Payments


The national financial transactions company offers a first of its kind and an easy-to-integrate platform that reduces the cost of accepting payments. Their founding team boasts a century’s worth of experience in payments. They’ve also built industry-leading gateways and multimillion-dollar Merchant Service Providers from the ground up.


The national financial transaction company did not yet have a brand, logo, or a medium to demo their products. Their previous online presence was temporary. They wanted their online presence to be “in the hands” of their salespeople and to allow the demonstration of their products in real time.

Design & Development

The homepage initially acts as an introduction, and with a swipe of a finger (or click of the mouse) transitions from an informational source to a demonstration of available products.

Interactive Demos

Interactive demos enable a self-guided experience of how the products work and showcase their benefits.


Cloud-Based Dashboard

Salespersons and agents were equipped with a cloud-based dashboard for anytime access to marketing materials, client acquisitions forms, and related.

Secured SSD Cloud Infrastructure

All of which are powered by a highly-available and secure SSD cloud infrastructure and global content delivery network.



Cloudoru has partnered with the national financial transaction company to actively support production, marketing, and sales efforts. Together, innovation in payments continues.

Growing Results

Where it has become rare to see such quality and appeal, our work has transformed the payment space. Cloudoru successfully prepared the national financial transaction company to secure their first round of funding. Now growing at a stunning pace; signing new accounts and partners, and adding additional support to their team, they are shaping the next century of payments.

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